Web Simple Records Manager

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Web Simple Records Manager

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The Web SIMPLE Records Manager is specifically designed for managing corporate records, regardless of size. It can be used in a department, a central filing room or for managing your entire records center. Ideal for managing legal, medical, government, education, insurance and corporate files.

The Web SIMPLE Records Manager allows you to establish a professional records management program utilizing state of the art tools. The software is designed to manage both active and archival records and prepare and maintain a retention schedule, and it does so utilizing bar coded labels that are automatically prepared. As such the software will manage your active records from their inception to the time they can be transferred to long term storage.

Your active files can be stored on open shelving, in file cabinets, or in boxes, and there is no limit as to the number of files the software can manage . Boxes can be stored in your records center or offsite at a commercial records center.

A bar coded label is prepared for each box showing it's contents, the beginning and ending dates, and other important information. If a retention schedule has been set up the software will automatically calculate when the box can be destroyed . Each field of your file and box is indexed to give you instant access to your information, and since there is no limit as to the number of files and boxes the software can manage , you gain complete and total control.

Additionally, for each file and box there is a window in which an unlimited amount of additional text information can be entered . This information can be searched. Can you imagine being able to find any file with just the touch of a key?

There are hundreds of additional features too numerous to mention, so contact us for a demo, and discover how this can be your records management solution.

An exceptionally well designed interface allows for easy access to powerful features:

  • Redesigned software interface that is easier to navigate and use.
  • Concurrent multiple open windows for easy switching between tasks.
  • Track boxes and files including check out/ in and destruction history.
  • Capability of multiple filters in boxes and files.
  • Key Word Searches built into main box and file information screens.
  • Smart Data Entry
  • Retention Schedules with Legal Hold
  • Unlimited size Memo/Text fields
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Export Data to Excel
  • Customizable Field Names
  • Bar Coded Labels for boxes, files, and shelves
  • Activity Tracking
  • User groups allow assignment of personalized access rights to any screen.
  • Mass Change Utility for Boxes and files
  • No client PC installation nor server installation required
  • Web Based
  • Extensive Reporting - with built in PDF generator

Menus: An exceptionally well designed interface allows for easy access to powerful features

Add-On Modules: The Voice Prompted Portable Bar Reader Add-on

Optional Purchase Items


Data sheet  - System Requirements

Client PC specifications :

Any PC with internet connection will work.

Operating system:

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Apple

(No specific RAM or hard drive needed)

Web browsers:

Compatible with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari

Danger of Keeping Your Record Inventory Only on Paper

Over the years we have experienced many cases of companies that have kept paper listings of the contents of their valuable records and then for some reason that list disappears. This tragedy can prove quite expensive, as every box has to be gone through to recreate the inventory. Further problems occur when a client needs a file and has to sort through volumes of paper.

Many people think the solution is to type that list into a word processing program or even better in some database software. This is a step in the right direction; however searching and printing out the information can be problematic. Further, there is no thought to tracking the files and boxes as they are requested and delivered to individuals within an organization. Finally there is the lack of planning how long records need to be maintained, either in house or off site at commercial record center. Retention scheduling provides for greater record control and cost savings as inventory is purged on a regular basis.

The ultimate solution is Record Management Software's Web Simple Records Manager. The Web Simple Records Manger tracks each file and box, including their check out /in history. It has a built in retention schedule module, provides for easy data entry, and 100's of inventory and tracking reports.

Contact us at info@recordmanagementsoftware.com to find out more about the Web Simple Records Manager.

Licensing Options and Accessories

Single User Version

Multi User Version:

  • 5 Concurrent Users
  • 10 Concurrent Users
  • 25 Concurrent Users
  • Unlimited User License

Stationary Bar Code Reader

Portable Add-On Module

Compact, portable, laser, voice prompted hand held bar code reader AND software. See features tab.

Additional Voice Prompted Laser Bar Code Scanner

Data Conversion: Contact us for a quote to convert your data.

914.725.5900 or 800.432.8160

Web Simple Records Manager offers state of the art technology at comparatively lower prices than our competition.
Our pricing is straightforward.

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