Record Center Consulting Services

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Based on almost 20 years experience of day-to-day management of a New York City record center with over 350,000 boxes and 700,000 files, RMS is pleased to offer record center consulting services for both commercial record centers and corporate record and file facilities. We offer assistance in:

Commercial Record Center

  • General startup and operations procedures
  • Setting up an archive facility including space allocation and racking
  • Identifying customers and creating a marketing plan
  • Establishing storage and service charge price guidelines
  • Personnel practices – including hiring, job description, and training
  • Transportation management
  • Implementation of computer systems

Corporate or Municipal Environment

  • General startup procedures and organization of information
  • Establishing and implementing retention guidelines
  • Planning and setup of a file room and/or record center
  • Implementation of computer systems
  • Training of personnel

 Please contact us at 800.432.8160 or for more information

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