Release Notes 5.0.6

Web SIMPLE Records Manager

 Release Notes Version 5.0.6 6/25/2014

The following fixes and enhancements were implemented in Web Simple Records Manager Version 5.0.6 released on 6/25/2014.

  • The Files list has been enhanced – the file numbers filter to allow a selection of file number range.
  • The Files destroyed report has been reconfigured so that the filter includes files destroyed between dates range. The header reflects the filtered dates and column headings have been updated accordingly.
  • The Boxes checked out report has been updated to show total number of boxes.
  • The Box add function has been corrected so using Shift Tab to back tab through the fields does not alter the destroy date.
  • The Files report has been updated to show total number of files.
  • The Boxes destroyed report has been updated to show total number of boxes.
  • The mass destruction utility has been reprogrammed so that boxes listed are not duplicated due to multiple checkouts.
  • The Portable module printing of company/ department bar coded labels has been reprogrammed to allow for printing of box labels if the automatic assigned box number matches an existing box number.
  • The Refresh / Remember Key Fields in boxes and files have been revised to avoid time out errors.
  • The Box labels dialogue screen has been corrected so that when many items are selected via the Choose Individual Boxes feature, the Submit button is visible.
  • .NET Framework security has been modified.
  • The database has been thoroughly cleaned for greater efficiency.

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